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In this day and age digital marketing has radicalized the way companies and individuals use to promote their products and services. With the ever-burgeoning growth of the internet, an increasing number of people have taken to spending considerable, quality time online, thereby creating vast opportunities for companies to find and grab hold of their targeted customers. In line with this ongoing trend, Unique ERP, a leading digital marketing training institute in Faridabad, offers innovative courses to help students learn and apply the know-how to carry out digital marketing tasks through live training, practical assignments and job support.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing embraces every marketing effort that makes use of the internet or any other electronic device. With the ever-increasing integration of digital platforms into marketing strategies and in our everyday lives with people using more digital devices rather than physically visiting shops, campaigns pertaining to digital marketing are becoming more and more productive and predominant. By means of digital marketing businesses make the most of the currently ubiquitous digital communication channels like search engines, eCommerce, email marketing, social media, display advertising, etc. to hook up prospects and retain existing customers.

Why is digital marketing training essential?

Digital marketing furnishes you with effortless means of reaching your audience base, targeting prospects, converting them into paying customers, and measuring the success of business by employing a wide variety of tracking tools in an effective fashion. Being conscious of the undeniable efficacy of digital marketing and huge demand for digital marketing professionals, individuals are progressively considering enrolling for digital marketing courses in Faridabad to perk up their career goals and expectations.

Best-in-class digital marketers have the insight and ability to grasp how each of their digital marketing campaigns reinforces far-reaching objectives. And contingent on the objectives of their digital marketing strategy, professionals can bring about supporting a bigger campaign via free or paid channels at their bequest.

Digital marketing training courses

Unique ERP’s digital marketing training and courses are designed to help you gain mastery in the corresponding several domains. We not only concentrate on imparting theoretical knowledge but also give lessons to upskill aspirants with here-and-now, scenario-based projects and sharpen their hands-on expertise. Our courses lay emphasis on all main categories of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Mobile Marketing

In our training, we incorporate tutorials on all major tools required to create, measure and run a digital marketing campaign profitably. With high-tech infrastructure, lab facilities and placement support we’re known to help out in accomplishing your aim of becoming a much sought-after digital marketer in the contemporary digital age.

Digital Marketing Course and Duration

Course Duration
Digital Marketing 60 Days

Training Available

Regular Classes

Daily 2 hrs
1 hr Theory + 1 hr Practical

Weekend Classes

Saturday & Sunday
3 hrs to 4 hrs

Sunday Classes

Flexible hours according to you between 10 AM to 6 PM

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